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Ramp Up Production

Where is the bottleneck? Have we allocated the appropriate amount of space for station 2? Are all stations working at about the same effort? Do we have the appropriate amount of work in process (WIP) on the line? Answers to these questions and others must be understood for an organization to operate an efficient production system. And even if those questions have been answered, they likely need to be asked again and again because the successful production system is constantly evolving and improving.

Engineered Outcomes can work with your manufacturing engineers, line leads, and management staff to help design a line so that the impact on production is minimized when benches and utilities are moved.

Two questions we are often asked: Why is there so much WIP on the line? How can it be reduced?

We'll perform the analysis to answer those questions and work with your team to implement the needed improvements so that you can turn that inventory into cash.

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